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Wordsearch of Wonder

Can you find all the words hidden in our wordsearch? They are all to do with archives.

Download “Wordsearch of Wonder”

Are you a word detective?

Complete the wordsearch and make Sherlock proud

Download “Are you a word detective?”

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‘Living Victorian Experience’ Workshop

Have fun in our workshop for schools as we bring the Birthplace to life and meet some Victorians.

Download “‘Living Victorian Experience’ Workshop”

Childrens’ Guide to the Charles Dickens’ Birthplace

   Read our guide to the birthplace created by children at Charles Dickens Junior School.

Download “Childrens’ Guide to the Charles Dickens’ Birthplace”

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Get a fun family trail for your visit to any one of our museums

Conan Doyle Gallery Trail

A shorter trail for younger visitors to the Conan Doyle Gallery.

Download “Conan Doyle Gallery Trail”

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