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A Tale of One City

These are just some of the stories that we have gathered during the a Tale of One City project 

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Taking out baby – April 1938

Alby’s rocking horse


‘My auntie paid 20 cigarettes for this rocking horse and brought it back from Belgium in 1944. She was in the army and ended up as Regimental Sergeant Major.’  Alby

Out and about on a trike in Portsea

‘I sold it for 5 Shillings so I could go to the pictures. My mum found out and came down to the picture house and dragged me out!’(laughs)

‘We lived in a flat above Smithys the barber on Bonfire Corner then moved to Frederick Street. I remember getting bombed out. We went into a shelter and when we got up the house was gone. ‘

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